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Inis Traveller Duo - Brambles Gift Shop
Inis the energy of the sea

Inis Traveller Duo

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Inis is Irish for island, but no one is an island: we are all connected by seas, by oceans, by dreams.

Inis the energy of the sea

A sparkling, clean unisex fragrance, Inis refreshes and makes you feel close to the sea - no matter where you are.

Energising scent that captures the purity of the ocean. Top notes of lemon, heart notes of lily of the valley and base notes of clove

15ml Cologne Spray

50ml seaweed enriched body lotion

    • Nutrient-rich seaweed extracts for lasting skin hydration
    • Deep moisturising shea butter nourishes and protects skin
    • Antioxidant rich Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 to help keep skin supple and conditioned


Inis contributes to the protection and conservation of dolphins and whales, this is always a good thing.

Made in Ireland