We're going on a Bar Hunt
We're going on a Bar Hunt
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We're going on a Bar Hunt

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We at Brambles just love this, so funny!!!


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This is the genius work of Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees, a couple who turned their rare date night into such a funny parody of classic kids' book, We're Going On A Bear Hunt, it's become a bestseller. Easy to sing, hilarious and slightly naughty - what's wrong with celebrating British pub culture in a cute, innocent way? (Sunday Mirror)

I killed myself laughing at this book till the kids went to sleep. Then I went out. (
Jenny Colgan)

Expect parenting LOLs galore. (

A genius idea and very funny. I'm buying this for everyone I know with kids. (
Ben Hatch)

This parody of We're Going On A Bear Hunt Might Be The Best Book Title Ever. Yes, We're Going On A Bar Hunt might just be this year's must-have Christmas gift for all parents of young children. (

It's very funny. If you're a parent who's ever attempted to leave the house after having kids then this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. (
Sonny and Luca blog)

Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees' parody together with Gillian Johnson's fabulous illustrations make for a perfect book summing up the trials and tribulations of a rare night out for parents . . . leave it around for the babysitter to read and she might be a bit more understanding when you stagger in pretending to be sober! (
Parenting Without Tears blog)

"Will raise a knowing smile in any parents of youngish children. A gentle send-up of Michael Rosen’s children’s classic – except here the bear is transformed in to the sort of man you don’t necessarily want to bump into on a night out." The Daily Telegraph